The Playbook lays out the foundation
which the Misfits are built on.
Misfits came together with the idea of being able to skip the everyday noise of real life and finding a new place to call home in the metaverse. It brings our team's mixed passion of streetwear, coffee and listening to LoFi beats in our free time.

We understand that as a collective we have to look outwards for additional revenue sources to build a long term and thriving community that’s why there will be a few different focuses of the founders.
Without a strong collective community a project will never reach its full potential. This is why we will be placing a heavy emphasis on ensuring that the community is always placed at the forefront of our mind.

We want to create virtual methods of community activation and IRL activation. Everything we do will be in the interest of building and growing the community as a whole.
We understand roadmaps are important to some, however we choose to keep the plans of what we have planned flexible due to the ever changing nature of blockchain technology.

We want the community to be agile enough to move at a moment's notice without being tied down to particular objectives.
Real World
We believe that while it is important to grow in the metaverse, it is just as important to connect with one another in the real world. We want to be able to provide exclusive physical merchandise to the community, collectible items (both digital and physical) and much more.

The opportunities are endless, and we will relentlessly work on providing them for the Misfits.